Magnetic Sponsoring Review

Lee | November 19th, 2009 - 7:01 pm
Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring Review

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring Review

I just completed reading a copy of Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring” and I can confidently tell you that if you were to read only ONE book to catapult your MLM business this would be in the top 3 to insure your success in any business…especially network marketing. (My other choices would be “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and “People Skills” by Les Giblin)

The reason this book is so topical and on the spot is because Mike not only has experience in the industry, he has good and bad experience in the industry. There is an abundance of successful distributors that share their cars, homes and money but rarely talk about their struggles. If they do, they mention how they pushed through with sheer determination…wow. Big deal.

What is truly relevant in this book is Mike’s psychological analysis and direction on how to model ONLY the top 1% of the successful people in MLM are making any money. We all read these statistics and believe that we are the chose ones. How arrogant. Think about it; if you and I put 100 people in a room and said, “Who here plans on making six figures or more of residual income in the next year?” nearly all 100 would raise their hands. Reality check, people. What would these people think or do if they were told that all 100 of them are invited to play, but only 1 or 2 would actually make it? Moreover, wouldn’t it be interesting to ask half of them to just leave? “Listen folks, those of you who are truly motivated…I mean motivation like there’s no tomorrow. Let me lay it out for you. I only want 2 of you so we are going to test your motivation. Everybody stay standing, don’t talk, you’ll have no food or water for 72 hours and the last 2 people standing are my winners. There are no bathroom breaks, and you’ll receive no help or encouragement from anyone at anytime. The winners are guaranteed to create a six or seven figure lifestyle for the rest of their lives, the remaining people…I have no idea what is going to happen to you. Who wants to start?”

I would guess that if THOSE were the rules, over half of the people wouldn’t even begin the process. Does that mean the perseverance is the foundation for success? Yes. It is one of them. There are others Mike discusses at length in the book. But it is not the foundational character trait. Perseverance, patience and knowledge are all important. However, the TRUE nature of a successful business person in the MLM field is easily understood.

When you meet, speak with or associate with a seven-figure MLM business person what do you feel? What qualities does THAT person have that most of your downline does not? Is it charm, luck, perseverance, or experience? “We call can’t be like Bo Short,” you might say. No. You are unique and you should NEVER try to be somebody you are not. It is always better to be the best YOU possible. The single most valuable and foundational quality of an MLM leader is leadership.

Now, leadership is one of the most over-used and misunderstood words in business. In short, an MLM leader IS charismatic and people want to follow HIM. It doesn’t matter about the product, company or compensation structure. People follow Alpha leaders. You may have heard of “Alpha males” in wolf packs or prides of lions. Well, since we are animals as well, there are clear examples of human beings being attracted to and responding to the Alpha male in our group. You can see it in the passion of a high school teacher or the silence in a church as your pastor speaks. You may have heard it at a rock concert or business rally. The bottom line is this…

  1. People follow Alpha leaders
  2. You are either a Beta person, pre-alpha or alpha
  3. If you are a Beta, get out of MLM unless you are comfortable simply selling products.

If you are a pre-alpha or alpha leader…lead.

Is Mike Dillard a Scam?

Is Mike Dillard a Scam?

People who talk about their product, the benefits, or the system at length are incredibly boring or irritating. You know exactly who I am talking about. They don’t engage their followers, they are a walking brochure, and they annoy their friends and family or hang out at McDonald’s looking for single moms to prospect. What a joke.

You should definitely read Mike’s book. If you can develop a single concept that will turn your business around for the long haul, this is it. Be a leader. Study leadership. Become a person of influence. Another author I will review later is John Maxwell, perhaps the #1 author on leadership in modern times.

You can find a link to purchase this book under the resources tab on this website.

Get your head around the fact that you must become a leader and encourage similar leadership qualities in your downline (A true leader creates other leaders; and never has just a flock of followers). Of course, you’ll need people to lead, so be sure to register for our FREE newsletter from MLM Lead Spot where you can learn how to create a steady stream of leads for yourself forever!

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