Product Sales vs. Recruiting in Network Marketing

Lee | November 29th, 2009 - 8:04 pm
Uncle Sam - Network Marketing

Uncle Sam - Network Marketing

This is due to the fact that your company is MORE than a product that benefits a customer; it is also an opportunity for residual income. In essence there are two businesses involved. Which one are you projecting? Which one are you focused with. What is your meme?

Many of you would answer, “I represent both the products AND the recruit for the opportunity.”

Big mistake.

The word ‘focus’ represents a single mission or directed purpose. The very word eliminates the possibility that you can accomplish both strong product representation and opportunity representation. It is impossible for the human brain to hold onto two thoughts at the same time. Sorry. It is a law of physics. Sure, you’ve seen presenters able to wax on prophetically about the incredible value of the products, getting you emotionally involved with the company. In the next paragraph, he is sharing with you how you can not only benefit from the use of these products, but how you can inure yourself with the financial rewards of sharing the opportunity with others. You can share both ideas in a single setting.

Is that wise?

This may be contrary to many upline organizations and company mantras. While I have decades of experience in a few MLM’s, I have MORE experience and knowledge of human psychology and marketing. In my opinion, when you as a distributor focus on the product or service first and the opportunity second, you’ll create more permanent wealth. Here’s why:

  • When YOU are your best customer, everything you say has more credibility. Any person who doesn’t do what they expect their downline to do is lazy, ignorant and won’t be around for long. If you expect your downline to buy their own products, sell product retail and recruit more distributors, you better be willing to do the same or more. It is akin to a drill instructor barking at his new recruits to do 100 pushups. If the drill instructor can’t do them, he’s lost credibility. In your case, it may cost you a reliable distributor, for the new private in the army; it could cost him his life.
  • When you focus on your sales before your recruiting you will earn more. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 1000 distributors in your organization the math is the same. If your downline SEES that you retail product, they will duplicate what you do, not what you say. If you consistently retail an extra $200 of product per month, imagine the difference that will make in YOUR bank account if your organization adds an extra $200 ON TOP of what they are already doing! I don’t care if you are moving a tube of lipstick or a $2,000 hard goods item, your income increases exponentially. Sell more than you are expected to. In the beginning the incremental revenue will help fund your lifestyle. When your efforts are duplicated, that $10,000 monthly residual can easily be $100,000 per month when your downline is also selling in addition to their recruiting.
MLM Leads

MLM Leads

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to create a singular message revolving around your product. If you truly believe in the benefits of your products, you’ll have no problem sharing it. As many of you know, it is only when the product AND opportunity is presented at the same time, that many MLM prospects give the cold shoulder. We are taught that it’s a numbers game and that the opportunity “isn’t for everyone”…fine. I am sure that your PRODUCT has much more appeal to the masses than the income opportunity-right? Therefore, by FOCUSING on the product, you will not only;

  1. Make more sales and therefore MORE money upfront.
  2. Meet MORE people in less time, creating more cheerleaders for your business.
  3. Recruit in the future from your LOYAL customer base!

Re-read my article on Southern Living and how that magazine rolled out their home party business. You’d think that selling candles and curtains based on Southern Living might take a while to catch on.


Because this company had a HUGE loyal following of subscribers, recruiting distributors and creating a brand new business that rakes in over $100 million per year in less than 10 years was not especially difficult. Their database was all they needed to launch their direct sale organization instantly with thousands of people on the first day.

In the end, your message will be taken more seriously, your income will increase exponentially and your success beyond money will be unmistakable. If your company has a vivid vision that is beyond financial (As most of them do) you will become one of their shining examples of prosperity and character.

In the early stages, you may not have enough customers to meet your recruiting goals. If that is the case, enter your contact information on the right and begin our FREE course on generating consistent and qualified leads for your MLM opportunity. Without the leads, you’ll be out of business.

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