How to Select the Best MLM Opportunity

Lee | December 9th, 2009 - 11:17 pm

The wide variety of MLM opportunities are as diverse as the people who create, enroll and thrive in them. Your unique personality, circumstances, needs and qualities are special. The better you know WHAT you like and WHO you are the easier it will be to determine the best company for you.


What type of personality do you possess? What are your strengths, weaknesses and quirks? We are not referring to habits, necessarily or if you are a morning person or a night owl. The personality traits we refer to make up core attributes to the manner in which you interact with people: mainly yourself. There are over a dozen different titles and quadrants experts have classified personality traits into. There is the DSCI model, Florence Littauer’s Choleric, Phlegmatic, Melancholy and Sanguine personalities. My favorite is the one that I coined (of course) because everyone can relate to the titles assigned. No translation necessary. Being a movie buff, I assigned each personality title with the role of a film making professional. Here they are with their descriptions. I will post a quiz next month for you to take, so in the meantime, guess which one most resembles who you are and come back in 30 days, take the quiz and see how close you nailed it.


The “director” personality is the hard-driving, type “A” guy or gal who’s favorite motto is “ready, fire, aim.” In extreme cases, their motto can also be described as “Fire, Aim” they are always ready and tend to move quickly, trust their intuition and are extremely impatient with people who mull things over or are otherwise slow to act. People who have this as their dominant personality are natural born leaders because of their high propensity towards action which, of course, delivers results faster than the other 3 personalities.

The director can have some qualities of a “producer” of organization and planning. They also share some traits of the “actor” being flamboyant, fun and charismatic. However, when the going gets tough, a true director will opt for results of the goal over the feelings of the crowd or the bookkeeping. Getting in the way of a director isn’t a good idea. They will find a way to accomplish their task at any cost-even going against the grain of the other personalities. This single quality is rarely shared by the other personalities and makes the director unique.


The “producer” organizes the show. He is responsible for the books, continuity, and details of the production. A producer personality is very meticulous, thoughtful and precise. They are known for neat and tidy shelves in their closet, folded underwear and really ticking off the rest of us with their attention to detail as a primary concern.

Producers, of course, make excellent accountants, CPA’s and bookkeepers. If you or someone you know has this as their dominant personality, it doesn’t mean that they cannot succeed as an outgoing spokesperson for their MLM. It just means that they have to learn to lay off the number crunching explanations regarding the residual income portion. We can all get excited about duplicating a penny every day, but a producer often requires a good hour to give prospects every detail to everyone.

WARNING: This type of attention to detail and explanation of the minutae only appeals to other “producer” personalities. Be sure to qualify who you are speaking with PRIOR to allowing this type of person to interact with your downline.

In all seriousness, producers make wonderful distributors and team members. They have a long-term view on business which makes them ideal for MLM opportunities as well as any business. If a large amount of non-technical sales are required for an opportunity, producers-stay away!


The “writer” personality is the laid back, casual person who has a dry wit, is often musical and rarely argues. In fact, most negotiators, diplomats and therapists have this personality as their dominant strength. A writer is easy going and is usually intellectual and a quietly passionate about the intangible. They truly are writers!

By the same token, they do not make decisions quickly and their desire to mediate often comes at the expense of taking action. This personality is suited for any business or MLM opportunity where dealing with people, recruiting and training are involved. (CHA CHING!) They don’t make the best sales people, but their ability to interact and relate with people is strong. People always feel better after a conversation with this personality and that is a good thing in any business.


The “actor” personality is flamboyant, outgoing, fun, disorganized, humorous, and forgetful. This personality is dominant in actors (of course!) sales people, politicians, public speakers and comedians. The actor loves a good story and will normally be a good story teller. They are rarely bashful and many of their humorous tales will be about how they locked the keys in their car only to find out they are driving a different car! This personality is generally very charismatic and if an actor has a director for their secondary personality, they can make effective sales managers and CEO’s. Many leaders of MLM’s have a combination of director/actor and it is this combination of charm and ruthless business drive that is required for MLM growth.

Any combination of these personalities can work for MLM businesses. This cannot be said for any other type of enterprise. (Read Peter Gerber’s “The E Myth” for a detailed explanation of why that is).

No matter what your personality, you’ll need a steady stream of leads to keep your business growing.  Be sure to sign up for my Internet Marketing Training to show you how to have people chasing you.  You can have people contacting you wanting to join your opportunity.

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