You Stink at MLM

Lee | December 14th, 2009 - 9:51 pm

Should you even be considering an MLM business? Do you have what it takes to succeed? Honestly…do you realize how many regular businesses fail every year? Over 95% of small businesses fail within 5 years. What makes you think YOU qualify to be in the top 5%? Do you have more skills, more desire, more patience, more perseverance than 95% of the entrepreneurial population? Do you realize that many of these business owners have risked their life savings and home equity to start their business? They had WAY more at risk than you did. Their motivation was certainly higher than yours. Hell, you even have the audacity to call yours an “opportunity.” What arrogance! Let’s be brutally honest, you aren’t that serious.

You are going to try this thing out to see if it works and if it does not all come together, you haven’t lost that much-right? You haven’t risked any serious capital and your up line has reminded you that it is only a part-time gig. You see, you have a lifeboat of a regular job or business “just in case.” Even if you are extremely enthusiastic, you still aren’t encouraged to leave your job. That safety net is there for a reason, chump. While over 95% of traditional small business start ups fail within 5 years, the same number of MLM start ups fail within the first 90 days-yuk. Best to just forget about it and work out a better 401K or pick up a foreclosure, because the odds are stacked WAY against you. OK?

Quit now. Save your time. Stop reading anymore and consider and easier path.

What? You’re still reading this? How come? I told you to stop.

Really. I mean it. You are not part of the 5%. You aren’t Michael Jordan and you don’t have the sales, marketing or business background to make this a really big business. Quit before you embarrass yourself. Click away…now.

What are you doing????

Oh….I get it. You still believe you are in the top 5%. Well, chump, let’s make a deal. Bookmark this page and 90 days from now come back and see if what I said above isn’t true. You seem determined to get into this business, but you cannot say I didn’t warn you about the 95% attrition rate. Be prepared to become really good at acquiring and filtering leads. Be sure to register for MLM Lead Spot’s FREE newsletter by registering on the right.1234025_on_target

So, you think you are going to really prevail and make millions in MLM. Good. Here are the qualities you MUST have. If you don’t have them, rest assured you CAN acquire them. Each and every one of these attributes is a skill and skills can be acquired and improve with practice, training and experience. Remember, Tiger Woods may have had the passion for golf, but his skills were developed because he practiced relentlessly since the age of 5. You may not be able to catch up to that, but luckily, you don’t need to.

What you do need are the following qualities and out of these qualities you will develop specific habits. Once your habits are practiced DAILY, you will start to see the results you are after. Don’t rest on your laurels quite yet, because you have chosen a business of leadership and true leaders develop leaders and mastering your craft will require you to duplicate the acquisition, refinement and teaching of the following skills:

Patience: MLM opportunities are purposely designed to attract the “fast money” crowd. Even when all the literature and up line profess the year(s) it takes to build it, we often see other IBO’s who have earned substantial fortunes seemingly overnight. These make great testimonials, but are so out of the norm, they should probably be ignored or studied even more. Developing patience and exuding patience not only make you feel better about your mission, but you’ll make your customers and downline feel better too. Aggressive sales tactics have smeared our industry. Show the world you are different.


A review of Mike Dillard’s book, “Attraction Marketing” eloquently shared how important true leadership is to your business. No word has been studied and showcased as much as leadership. The qualities of leadership are based in charisma, confidence and attraction. Harnessing these qualities and learning to teach them to others is vital.


Sales is not a dirty word. It isn’t 1955, either, however, so aggressive, intimidating sales tactics simply don’t work. In fact, selling as a word is literally being transformed by professionals. It boils down to people hate to be “sold” but they enjoy “buying.” The sooner you can embrace that belief, style and process the easier your life will become. You still need to ask questions, provide solutions and even pass on potential “duds” in your screening process. The sooner you pick and choose the perfect distributors for your downline instead of chasing any warm body, the sooner you become the leader you think you are. Coincidentally, when you attain this attitude, your sales will increase!

Read good books on these topics. Become a student of human nature and a person people want to be around. The faster you learn this, practice this, live it and are able to teach it, the sooner your life will blossom to the independent lifestyle you desire.

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2 Responses to “You Stink at MLM”

  1. Dean Pennington says:

    OK, I guess I should have come to your site already knowing what “MLM” was, but I didn’t know and after navigating around your site and listing to a video I still am without definition (even a context other than the umbrella of marketing) for the acronym. Dean

  2. Lee says:

    Hi Dean,

    MLM stand for Multi Level Marketing. This is referring to a compensation plan( payout plan) that pay’s people several levels deep for introducing people to a new product or service.

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