Beauticontrol: Strange name, brilliant business?

Lee | December 17th, 2009 - 10:51 pm
Beauti Control Review

Beauticontrol Review

I don’t mean to be picky and to be fair; it is very costly to change a company name. With printing, image and the value of branding, a name change for a company can be expensive or even deadly.

However, I am going to strongly recommend that Beauticontrol change their name. I don’t suggest this because of any negative publicity (Changing names doesn’t work well here. See “New coke” as an example) or because the company needs a new start. The main reason the name doesn’t work is because the word “control” is the antithesis of beauty.

When someone says the word, “control” what image pops in your head? Do you think of an overbearing parent, a strong boss, a measured response or the secret government agency that Maxwell Smart works for?

In any case, the word control places firm, strict and structured connotations in our heads. In my opinion, the word beauty signifies warmth, curves, peace and awe-inspired moments. These two words are in direct conflict with one another…I’m not sure that it matters that much, however, because the business model is simplistically brilliant.

Here’s why.

Beauti Control Scam?

Beauticontrol Scam?

If there is ever a market that is overcrowded it would be health and beauty. There are hundreds of thousands of health and beauty companies. From the Fortune 500 to mega-brands like Avon, any company that goes head to head with these firms is either very dumb or very clever.

In Beauticontrol’s case, they are very clever.

The sneaky secret is that Beauticontrol is NOT simply a midsize MLM opportunity. With a respectful 145,000 distributors they have earned the right to some amount of market share. They are not in the top 50 with regards to size or volume, and their brand isn’t as well known as their direct competition. So, how do they not only survive, but actually THRIVE in an industry as competitive as beauty in a distribution system like network marketing?

Their little “secret” is that Beauticontrol is owned by Tupperware. Tupperware, of course IS one of the top 50 MLM companies and DOES have decades of experience in a marketplace even MORE competitive than beauty…plastic containers! (See my previous review on Tupperware)

Albert Bosch

Albert Bosch

A proven leader in marketing, sales and business development, Albert Bosch joined Beauticontrol in January. Formerly with Tupperware Brands (BeautiControl’s parent company) as Managing Director in Mexico, Albert brings almost 20 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in the direct sales industry. He has a true heart for the business, and it is his vision to ensure that every Beauticontrol Independent Consultant, Manager and Director has exactly what they need to succeed.

With Albert Bosch’s leadership and direction, Beauticontrol is clearly on a path of steady and, thanks to Tupperware, sustainable growth. People may not know or even like the name compared to Maybelline or Clinique, but Beauticontrol has something the others don’t-a passionate distribution force with powerful leadership.

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