Creative Memories…Creative Income. Company Review

Lee | December 28th, 2009 - 4:42 pm
Creative Memories Review

Creative Memories Review

What if there was a company where the product embodied the very essence of what MLM’s are all about?

You know what I mean…association with positive people, creating memories, financial security and reinforcing the strength of the family. These are all core principles of almost any MLM opportunity.

Creative Memories ‘product’ is scrapbooks. However, their real product is the intangible lasting memories, feelings, and bonds that are created by the tangible products they produce and distribute.

The mission statement of Creative Memories states it very clearly. They believe in and teach the importance of preserving the past, enriching the present, and inspiring hope for the future. Creative Memories strives to re-establish the tradition of the photo historian/storyteller and the importance of memory preservation and journaling for future generations.

Is the product a tangible one-yes. As a Creative Memories distributor, is that what you are selling-absolutely not.

Tangible products always have a benefit that the user wants or needs. Vitamins insure good health, cleaning products create a safer environment, discounted energy gives us more disposable income. If the intangible benefit is a commodity, your competitive edge will be challenged at every turn. Certainly product lines such as health, beauty and nutrition are popular mainstays of our industry. Consumable products have the advantage of creating repeat business so long as the loyalty is reinforced.

The creation of memories which are indelibly bonded to us individually has absolutely zero competition…nobody has YOUR memories! Naturally, there are competitors for the tangible product. You can go to any photo or craft store and buy an album and create a scrapbook for yourself. Even a person with a lower amount of creativity can purchase a scrapbook kit online or at any specialty store.

The edge that Creative Memories has, then, is its ability to create and strengthen your family bonds, but a bond between the distributor and customer as well. The company showcases all of their products on the website. It is well laid out, displayed cleanly and like any e-commerce store, there are specials and customization available to many of their products.

You can even get an ID and purchase products online. Wait a minute! Get an ID? Is the company circumventing the process? If someone goes online and completes a sale, isn’t the company cutting out the distributor?


Like any company that valued its distributors, you can shop online all you want, but before they process your order, you’ll be assigned a distributor to link a live human with the product you ordered. Here’s the message I got after I place my order:

Before you can continue to checkout, you must locate a Creative Memories Consultant. Clicking on the Checkout button will bring you to the Find a Consultant search page.

Does this mean that a consultant will hound you to host a party and become a distributor yourself? Of course not. Like any company that has grown and flourished over the past few decades, no strong arm tactics work anymore. They aren’t selling aluminum siding with a “special incentive” to act now, they are consulting you on the benefits of their product…creating memories of your family, your past and your life.

Creative Memories is one of the top 25 MLM companies in the United States. They achieved this success not just by creating a great product (It is) but by tapping into the intangible connection we all want with our families. As a distributor you may not become immortal, but with a Creative Memories distributorship, you will be partly responsible for preserving the individual histories of thousands of people. Not a bad legacy after all.

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