Scent Sations Review Is this opp a Scam?

Lee | December 29th, 2009 - 11:52 am

When was the last time you heard of a CEO of a multi-million dollar business paint the side of his van with the company slogan?

“We make scents, you make dollars.”

That slogan was painted on the side of a van owned by Robert Scocozzo, co-owner of Scent Sations, the maker of Mia Bella candles. Even after reaching over $15 million in annual sales, the co-owner maintains the intimacy and relatability he was famous for before his phenomenal success.

Scent-Sations Review

Candles? Is that the product line you’d like to rely upon to deliver financial independence to you and your family? Is there enough of a market in candles to create a passive and residual income that can provide for you forever?


The candle industry is a $2 Billion dollar per year marketplace. You don’t even have to be a marketing genius to understand that these things actually burn and evaporate over time. While many consumables provide intangible benefits of health, beauty and wellness, a candle has the power to give off heat, warmth and a comfortable feeling to those around it. In this time of increased stress, a candle distributorship may be more than a smart move, it could be a brilliant one. With a strong need for aroma therapy, and reduced soot output of its soy-based candles, Scent-Sations has drawn a bead on its competitors and plans to shake up the marketplace big time.

Unlike its two largest competitors, Scent-Sations does not use the party model.

Some MLM candle opportunities don’t even pay hosts in cash, instead offering free or discounted merchandise. Scent-Sations creates a turn key system for the distributor to earn money. When a distributors sales exceed $45 per month, Scent-Sations creates and maintains a customized, drop shipping web site for the distributor. All sales, shipping and payment is handled through this portal and the distributor retains credit for all sales made through it. This makes the process of ordering and fulfillment incredibly easy for a Scent-Sations customer or distributor.

Distributors are free to sell products any way they wish; parties, craft shows, fundraising, online or any way they choose. For internet savvy distributors, this plug and play website gives them world-wide reach with almost no overhead to speak of.

By having fewer restrictions on distribution, one might assume that growth and consistency would be an issue. Scent-Sations already has over 6,000 distributors covering all 50 states and several United States territories and is adding 15-20 a new people per day.

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Scent-Sations strategy isn’t new. But it’s corporate culture, affability and style is pure. In addition to not being overly slick with their website and marketing, Scent-Sations allocates thirty-seven percent of its revenue to commissions for its master distributors. These leaders will be the ones who effectively take Scent-Sations to the next level of awareness, sales and profitability. With a 40-50 percent annual increase in sales every year, Scent-Sations seems to be done with testing their business model and simply putting their foot on the gas.

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