Build Your Network Marketing Business Online or Offline?

Lee | January 26th, 2010 - 2:54 pm
Network Marketing Online

Network Marketing Online

With the proliferation of email, websites and video’s online, “old school” network marketers are facing a fundamental challenge. Should you continue with your offline marketing and recruiting or place more resources to the online world?

The smug answer is to do both, but there are more questions to ask in order for you to arrive at the right answer.

Since every opportunity and person is unique, no single answer is going to fit every scenario. Ask yourself the following questions and you’ll create a balance that is uniquely suited not just to you and your business, but your clients and downline as well.

1.  Is your product a tangible good that is easy to demonstrate?

2.  Are you naturally a people person? Do you enjoy making new friends?

3.  Is this your first MLM opportunity? Do you have an existing downline?

4.  Does your opportunity embrace the internet? Do they have online tutorials?

5.  Can you clients and downline easily order and ship online?

6.  Does your opportunity have recruiting tools, videos and documents online?

7.  Do you enjoy teaching, motivating and speaking to a live audience?

From a recruiting standpoint, it is much easier recruiting and developing a team locally than it is all over the world. Even with the best online recruiting and retention tools, physically connecting with someone and looking them in hte eye will give you instant rapport, feedback and a bonding that isn’t available in the online world.

For retention and building strong bonds, the internet is a poor servant. Relationships are truly built when we interact as human beings. Chatting, texting and social networking is all the rage but no technology can replace a firm handshake and looking someone in the eye. Leadership can start online, but reinforcement and true relationships are always solidified face to face.

From a marketing and recruiting standpoint, especially if the company has embraced the ease and agility of the online world, the internet has tremendous benefits for any MLM independent distributor.

Even if you have a tangible product that has real punch when being demonstrated, using an online tool to show colors, features, benefits and styles can allow the distributor to “travel light” and not carry a huge supply of product in the trunk of his car.

If you are a gregarious, people-person, you already have an advantage when it comes to recruiting, training and motivating your downline. A major drawback to your personality is that you believe and love everyone! Look back on your efforts and success…I am sure that over 80% of the people you invested your precious time with over the years have produces less than 20% of the results for your organization (This is called Pareto’s Principle and the 80/20 rule applies just as easily to teaching, sales organizations and sports teams. 20% of the people are normally responsible for 80% of the results.)

The proper application of technology can help you filter out the customers and prospects that have a tendency to fall into the 80% pile. You will never have 100% success rate with your recruiting or sponsoring, of course. But with a proper mix of online filtering and offline reinforcement, you should be able to get a bigger bang for your buck when finding, sponsoring and training your team.

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People do a ton of research online nowadays. The amount of time and money saved is mind-boggling. Just be sure to create a bond with your team through personal interaction whenever possible. People rarely quit if they feel important enough to stay.

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