Bo Short EIRO Research Co-founder Review

Lee | October 26th, 2009 - 9:49 am

Reviewing various MLM opportunities involves measuring the business model, product and leadership. All areas are important, but if I had to focus on only one it would be the people behind it. When it comes to leadership and business acumen, you will be hard pressed to find a more honorable and visionary leader as Bo Short.

So often in our industry the leaders have previously moved from one MLM opportunity to another bringing their “flock” along for a new ride with a new system. It’s often that feeling of new and better opportunity that builds the initial momentum. There is nothing inherently wrong with that as long as each move improves your situation, compensation or stability.

Bo Short was previously a Diamond distributor in the Amway organization, arguably one of the largest and longest-lasting MLM opportunities in the world. As a professional speaker, Bo quickly built a large and strong following in this organization and created a significant income from his business. Amway, like many companies, has had its ups and downs. It was during one of these massive downturns that Bo’s character would be put to the test.

Bo Short’s Dateline NBC interview

Amway had a clear separation between the products they manufactured and the business training system provided by the upper level distributors. Amway had no interest influence on the training system. This separation was always made clear to distributors regardless of which organization you were involved with. In one particular distributor organization, the business training system was about to cross the line and create a ripple in the company like none it had ever seen.

One of the largest distributor organizations for Amway created their own system of books, tapes and seminars to train their downline. The cost for an independent distributor to “plug into” this training system was optional. However, it was strongly encouraged by the leadership and created a significant ongoing investment for the independent distributor that lined the pockets of a few select diamond distributors. In fact, a handful of these diamond level distributors would earn significantly more money from the sales of their training materials than from the movement of Amway’s products. Bo Short’s upline had not established their training program revenue according to standard business practices. When Bo Short questioned the accounting of his leaders training system he was given a choice. He could continue to flourish in this flawed system and make close to 7 figures a year or he could quit, giving up millions in income.

He chose the latter.

When you review the principles behind a leader, we are rarely afforded the opportunity to know he/she is truly made of. Behind closed doors, how do you know a person’s true character? It is only during a scandal or investigation that a person’s character is revealed to the public. It is only then a person’s character is called out in public that we truly know who we are aligned with.

Bo Short relinquished millions of dollars in income in order to look his downline in the eye and say, “This is wrong and I’m leaving.” Giving up millions of dollars in exchange for giving your downline bad news wouldn’t be an easy decision for most people. After the scandal broke Bo told me, “There wasn’t even a question about what I was going to do. My only question was how I was going to let my downline know about it and do it in a manner that wouldn’t defame anyone.” You don’t need much more information than that to know you are blessed to be working with a person of impeccable integrity. Aligning yourself with Bo Short puts you in an entirely new class of business…one of unquestionable integrity.

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One Response to “Bo Short EIRO Research Co-founder Review”

  1. Tex says:

    How could Bo have defamed anyone by telling the truth about the tool scam? If you want to learn more about the Amway tool scam, visit my blog.

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